1. What is inside "Profile"?

    There are two sub options under Profile.
    Change Profile allows you to edit your contact information, company profile, industry and and type. Only Type and Industry can be seen by students.
    Change Login allows you to change your personal login information.

  2. What is inside "Courses"?

    This is the section where you can add, edit or delete your courses. Clicking on Add a Course or Edit will load a form whereby you can edit the profile of each course posted and the content of each course.

    Course Name Refers to the title of your course. It is not necessary to include the type of degree e.g. "Bachelor of" as it will be under a separate field.
    Course Category Choose the category that is most suitable. If you find that none are a good fit, contact your account manager and we will add in the new category for you.
    Course Level Choose the level which the course if offered at.
    Web Link This is important. Key in the URL you would like visitors who click on the course title to be referred to. This is usually the faculty course module site or admissions site.

    If you are not sure how to post your courses, please contact your account manager and we will gladly do it for you.

  3. What does the number of views next to each course mean?

    The number of views refers to the number of times your course has been viewed by a Brightsparks' user

  4. What is inside "Student DB"?

    This is the section where you can search, view and export the database of students who have indicated that they are interested in studying in your institute. By default, the system will show you those opt in students who have selected the next year as their year of admissions.

    If you wish to change your search criteria, simply scroll to the bottom and click on New Search button. You will be brought to a search engine for the database. Select the new search criteria and the results will be shown in a new table of results.

  5. How does Brightsparks generate this Student DB?

    We list all the participating organisations within BrightSparks for the BrightSparks users to indicate their preferance. They have the option to indicate their interest to your organisation and have their contact information made available to the selected organisations.

  6. How do I generate the email addresses of the student database?

    Under the student DB table, you can check the boxes against the candidates you want and click on the "Generate Selected Email List". This feature will open a pop up box which will contain the email addresses of all those students selected. If you wish to generate the entire search list\'s emails, just click on "Generate All Email List" button.

  7. How do I export my search result student database data to excel?

    Conduct your search as per normal. Once you see the search result table, scroll to the bottom and click on "Export All Result(s) to Excel" button. This will create an Excel file with student data.

  8. How do I sort the various columns when I see my search results?

    Look under the column title for the triangular symbols. You can click on those with the symbols to sort the database within that column accordingly.

  9. What is inside "Statistics"?

    This is the section where you can view the various statistics and reports for the students who indicate their preference for you. We will also be providing yearly separate reports for each sponsor of Brightsparks. We will send you the customised report in early part of the third quarter.

  10. How do I receive enquiries regarding my courses?

    You will need to notify your account manager about which email to use to receive student enquiries. Once you let us know, we will configure the enquiry form in your micro site to send all enquiries to the designated email address.

  11. How do I advertise my university scholarships on Brightsparks?

    You will need to create a separate scholarship account. Please contact your account manager for more information on this service.

  12. I have a question that is not answered here. Help!

    We will be glad to answer and assist with any queries you may have. Simply contact your account manager or call us at 6778-5288. You can also email us at [email protected]

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